Top 6 Best Price Per Head Sportsbook Services In Costa Rica for 2019

Comparison of the top providers

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The best Price per head services re-imagine the standard approach for local bookies to handle sports betting and bookkeeping offshore.

As an individual with plenty of experience in the bookmarking business and having to deal with local bookies in a day-to-day basis I have taken the time to go through the most common providers out there and what they bring to the table, everyone of them have their strengths and weaknesses, but these only depend on the user, you.

If you don't know what is a price per head we recommend you checking one of our previous article (linked below).

Are you someone that cares more about lines and sports quantity than in usability and design? Or maybe you are looking for the best price per head service in Costa Rica to have more control of your operation without having to call in every time you want something changed.

These price per head reviews will help you comprehend the diverse methodologies of organizations with regards to internet wagering and in addition their strategies. This 6 best Offshore PPH sportsbook in 2018 offers the assortment of approaches in leading internet wagering stage.

These are the authorized and best driving real price per head sportsbooks in the present age which gives numerous offers to customers through their bookmaker platforms and solutions.

Become acquainted with every one of these organizations, so you can have a better comprehension of the administrations and services offered by each.

Best Price Per Head Sportsbook Services

Top 6 PPH Services in 2018


​IDSCA, for International Data Solutions or IDSCA, is a driving force in the industry and consider one of the best out there with its prominent web based wagering organization.

​In this PPH review, you can recognize the top-of-the-line administrations offered by IDSCA including real price per head solutions for sportsbook management. IDSCA had been highlighted in other price per head reviews where it energetically tells that it is one of the pioneers in online games wagering since it began in 1997.

idsca logo

The organization guarantees to give the progressive type of benefits in the realm of games, gambling casinos, wagering and bookmaking. IDSCA has additionally a one-stop complete individuals for a wide range of players and bookmakers. The organization has an exceptional bookmaking administration programming as an answer for the requirements of the players and bookies. You are bound to work with a very professional provider when you choose as your provider.

As the downsides IDSCA betting sportsbook is not the most eye-catching or pretty out there. It doesn’t count with the biggest amount of lines neither (see our review for down below if amount of lines is what interests you, even though it should be the ONLY factor to consider, but more on this later).


  • Professional service
  • Server Up times
  • Long time in the industry


  • Not that many sports betting lines available
  • Not the best sportsbook design


​As another one of the best price per head service emerges organization. Realbookies is known as a standout amongst other organization with regards to per-player business model.

It has been even highlighted in real news program and magazines, for example, in Forbes, Gambling 911, CNN, Sky sports, Therx and other best sites.

​One among the qualities of the organization, as said in a few price per head reviews, is its high standards in regards quality. The organization does not offer shabby costs for they rely upon their client administration to draw in new clients as opposed to putting their product marked down.

realbookies logo

Therefore you may end up paying a little above the average, specially if you need phone wagering added into your package which is charged extra to the online-only access for your players.

Realbookies has a sportsbook which is genuinely simple to use by the bookies, it also features nice looking graphs for a better understanding of the numbers. Their product accepts the calls, record the data given by the customers and grades the scores of the wagering in due time.

Their front end is not the best looking of the bunch, but it compensates this with fast load times and mobile responsiveness, which guarantees any of your players will quickly and easily put their tickets in.


  • Sharp lines
  • Professional service
  • Servers uptime is on point. Close to zero downtimes
  • Weeks free promotions


  • Not the best sportsbook design
  • Phone wagering access charged extra


​Perhead is another best business organization for bookies and bettor who is searching for one of the best price per head services out there.

Price per head reviews the wagering programming of Perhead for being adaptable and dependable. As normal works on set charge for every active player who wager week after week.

​Perhead had been highlighted on the site of The New York Times where PPH surveys for the organization has great software infrastructure. All in all, Perhead wagering administrations is adulated for giving each and every need in working managing a sportsbook operation.

perhead logo

​This PPH features one, if not the most beautiful designs for the front-end sportsbook. Your players will feel they are playing on a very high end sportsbook, which is nice.

Unfortunately this comes at a cost for you, the bookie. You can expect to pay way above the average per head fee when working with But their good looking design and good amount of lines can compensate this and bring you onboard.


  • Nice and sleek sportsbook design for your players


  • High entry cost

4. Sharpbookie

​Sharpbookie is a straightforward, secure, cloud based, turnkey answer for run your online dream sportsbook, racebook, and gambling club.

Sharpbookie can be considered as another best price per head sportsbook but with a twist. They have decided to cut on the cost of operations (passing this saving to you, the bookie at the other side of the computer), by appealing to a simpler audience, which don’t care much for the design of the sportsbook, bookie/agent customer service support, or large quantity of lines available, but that really only care about the major sports.

​With real PPH solutions you can track patterns, break down information, send notifications, create fundamental reports and make all the move with the most intense dream sportsbook administration framework.

sharpbookie logo

SharpBookie is a great option for anyone just starting on the bookmaking business and getting the hang of managing inflows and outflows, but it's lack of a eye-catching design for your players could be a deal-breaker for some.

Regardless of whether you have 10 or 10,000 players, here is the thing that you get:

  • Cloud Based. Made for any web empowered gadget.
  • Constant Data.
  • SSL Security.
  • Reports and Analytics - Run reports, break down information, track slants, and deal with your whole Fantasy task from the solace of your own space.
  • Operator System - Team up with Agents and offer the activity. Set the terms and split the heat to extend your Fantasy Sportsbook realm.


  • Low entry price
  • Solid lines
  • Easy to get started


  • Lack design and aesthetics
  • Lack of variety of sports and leagues
  • Customer service support is non-existent


​ offers great solutions and tools to bolster any local bookmaker to consistently develop their bookie business.

Based on our review their sportsbook front end design may not be the most good looking out their but it certainly get the job done, being compatible with mobile devices.

​This price per head service also not only located in the country of Costa Rica but also is very generous with their promotions which makes them a very offensive provider. Of course, if you are in this business in the long run signing up for $3 per player for a few weeks is not going to shake the earth for you. logo

One thing that sets this PPH sportsbook apart is their payment methods, this is one of the very few to offer credit and debit cards processing, so if ease of payment is a key point of you, and you don't worry too much about privacy, it's certainly a great option to go for.

This is some of the things you get with this PPH:

  • Ongoing live betting on 80+ Sports Leagues And +1000 Events.
  • 70+ Horse Racing Tracks and Live Casino
  • Cutback Account Options and Detailed Player and Agent Reports
  • Most Payment Options Including Bitcoin and Major Credit Cards.


  • Credit and Debit card payments
  • Long time in the industry


  • Sportsbook design may feel dated (no bet-slip)


​ is outfitted towards the North American betting business sector which is the standard for PPH suppliers situated in Costa Rica. What's more, they are additionally known for having amazing information assurance for their customers and a 7 layered DDOS insurance. is a sportsbook PPH organization located in the country of Costa Rica that has been around since 1998. This makes it one of the most seasoned PPH suppliers in the business which is a significant accomplishment in the present business.

​Something noted by several others price per head reviews in regards to their promotions, they publicize 6 Free weeks a long time of bookie managers. In any case, you need to make a $500 payment with them, then the 6 weeks free are applied to the first week of each of those months.

aceperhead logo

Along these lines, with the end goal to get it, you need to make a vast store and remain with them for a half year. This is by any means a downfall, after all you are still getting 6 weeks free, but not all bookies are ready to give out $500 right from the get-go, so that's something each person needs to consider based on his needs and requirements.

Notwithstanding the price tag and administration they handle the most sports betting lines in the real price per head bookmaking stage. Everything from game props, player pros to lesser known sports such as handball and rugby, it's all there. Again, the appeal of having these leagues will depend on your client base. Does your players would be interested in betting on darts? nobody know your clients better than you.

In regards to their agent/bookie solutions they cover all the checkmarks. Their sportsbook administration account is on point and has a basic yet functional route framework. Likewise, making and overseeing players is additionally simple to do with huge amounts of choices, reports and tools.

Creating reports to perceive how your book is getting along or how your players are getting along is additionally simple. You can pull-up income and client exchange reports, or, in other words player chance administration.


  • Largest quantity of sports betting markets than any other PPH


  • Pricing structure
  • Sportsbook and back-end design feels dated


Selecting the best price per head sportsbook shouldn't be based on a free weeks of promotion or some temporary endorsement. This business is a long time one. If you are serious about your booking you must consider a provider that offers things that will allow you to earn more players, and most importantly, to keep them playing with you.

What you should do next?

Take the above considerations as a starting point. Now it’s time to see all these providers by yourself.

Give them a call (or send them a message from their website), request an account.

Compare their lines with top providers such as, do they match?

Does their sportsbook front end feels welcoming and easy to use? Try to put a couple of tickets in. Did everything felt right to you? How easy was to place those tickets?

Now go to the agent back-end and see if that ticket shows up in there, do you have the option to delete tickets? What about creating players from the back-end?


Remember that most of these real price per head providers give you a few days for you to test out their service without having to pay nothing. So use this just for that and feel free to switch to the next one if you consider this the best for your operation.

Hopefully after reading this article you will have a better overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the PPH providers out there.

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